I keep seeing so much girls complaining about there schools dress code lol when in my school literally girls walk in thin shirts that barely cover there back and wear no bra so your able to see everything and nobody complainsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Anonymous: carly is an amazing cheerleader all around but jamie is lucky that her flying skills are insane because i doubt ca would let her be on cheetahs with no tumbling and doing all these promotions if her flying didnt make up for it



i dont think ca minds their athletes doing promos cause if they do lol they are doing something wrong. and i always thought jamie had really average flying skills and personally think she looks awkward in the air. there are plenty of girls who could easily take her spot specially inside cheer athletics

She has her double

Last year cheer athletics made a “NO CHEERLEB ZONE RULE” in which there athletes cant promote stuff while in the gym or in uniform, but it was complete BullShit, now they even use all there most known athletes to promote there Pro Shop…. Im so done with CA

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